About MyXMO

MyXMO started as MySMO, the operations arm of the Clinical Research Centre, Government of Malaysia in 2008 and became a full fledged clinical research organization (CRO) in 2010. In 2014 MyXMO was born taking over its full scale of operations under the same CEO. MyXMO obtained Bionexus status from Biotech Corporation in 2015.

Being a pioneer in the clinical trial scene and with many envious projects in its past, MyXMO has the entire gamut of services to take your study to successful completion. We provide Comprehensive, Cost Effective, Tailor-made packages and services to meet your expectations with Great Quality and under the regulatory framework of clinical research.

With excellent networking opportunities in the local clinical trial community and a history of global partnerships MyXMO is well placed to take the Malaysian government’s push to promote Malaysia as a regional clinical trial hub forward. Our past clients include pharma majors to CROs and independent clinical investigators.

MyXMO has a vibrant team coupled with a 20 years seasoned CEO to offer clinical trial management services that focuses on a wide range of clinical trials. We offer a one stop shop for all clinical trial related services related to Phase II, III and IV clinical research including

MyXMO is able to achieve its objectives in clinical development through its services in project management on various phases of clinical trials:

MyXMO is widely connected with the clinical trial community across Malaysia and globally. We facilitate and coordinate to advance the clinical path in drug discovery, we act as a connecting link/bridge between the Pharmaceutical / Biotech companies conducting clinical trials.